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      Reference to memorandum No. 18, all states in India according to Crime Prevention council of India to let establish crime prevention council select crime prevention committee at level of Tensile, District ad Division to make support state district administration and to do minimize gap between police and public for better relationship.



    To select socially goad character and educated person at state level to make them faithful about crime prevention and to make state officer among male / female member and inspection them work.


   President of Society. This work to approve all meeting date or time and its cancellation or postpone / suspension of meeting, and also organize the same in his president ship. In case of equal votes, he may used his power to take the own decision, to receive all kinds of donation, Chanda, loan etc. and signed on it's receipts, certify the Income and Expenditure including movable and immovable properties of the society along with documents, and agreement etc. on behalf of society in his own signature, represent himself before of society in his own signature, represent himself before of society in his own signature, represent himself before the Government / Semi Government's Programs as representative of the Society, or to appoint and and send the persons authorized by him and also recommend the membership of new members of society.

   To look all the works of society in absence of president and also help the president in his society's works.

    Being Chief Officer of Society, to keep all kinds of records / registers in his safe custody, to maintain all records of Income and Expenditure, to follow all the Rules of Management and it's regulation, to look after and invest the property of society, to appoint workers, members, prompts / demotes or retire with the direction of President, to take the decision in the disputed matter, to receive the donation, chanda etc. on behalf of Society.

   In absence of Secretary, complete all the pending works of society on behalf of secretary and also help the secretary for his works as per direction of secretary.


   To give maximum support for making better society and review work at district level support to organization [administration.] ORG Secretary Select educated parson, to make them awareness about society to fulfill work of crime preordination. To give fully support to district see retry for select of committee at district level. 


   To prepare the particulars of income and expenditures records / registers / ledgers etc., to receive the membership fee from the members and issued it's receipt, to pay the amount of bills, granted by President / Secretary up to Rs.500/- and all the received amounts deposited to the bank / post offices.


   To published all the programmed of Society through News Papers, Electronic Media and other sources.


   Review and answering all society letter and to make imp. Role between police and public


   Support in society all legal action and to make advice.


   To investigate work of district crime preventions Committee and give fully support to seek try. To give of support District administration and to take help from.

    According to District CPC. Making division officer at each Police Station, to establish police station committee, in which are officer of police station committee, Assistant officer, female Asst officer to make regional Officer and select committee at all level of Tehshil. Time to time arrange a squad to give fully support Dist. Administration with physicist and mentally and give total help to prevent crime.

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Not the Criminal !!    
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